News From the LWRC's Programs

Scholarship deadline is December 15th, 2021

The LWRC’s Dr. G. H. Lawler Memorial Scholarship deadline is fast approaching! For additional information and to download the application, visit the Scholarship page.

Save the Lake Fundraiser – check it out here

The Gimli Yacht Club and Kiwanis Club of Gimli and District are holding a fundraiser in support of Lake Winnipeg. Show your support by clicking the link above where you will find information on the fish fry, auction, and apparel for sale – and in the coming days a link to presentations by the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC) and the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF). All proceeds go to these two organizations.

Lake Winnipeg Special Section– Journal of Great Lakes Research

The Special Section on Lake Winnipeg is now fully published and available for download at JGLR LW Special Section.

LWRC Director – Dr. Gordon Goldsborough – awarded the Order of Manitoba

Twelve Manitobans will receive the Order of Manitoba on July 15th, 2021, including LWRC Director Dr. Gordon Goldsborough. Gordon is an associate professor at the University of Manitoba, Department of Biological Sciences with a strong interest in the role of humans on water quality of lakes and wetlands. He is also well-known for his Abandoned Manitoba books and is president of the Manitoba Historical Society. The Order of Manitoba is the highest honour awarded by the province to Manitobans for their outstanding contributions to Province of Manitoba and its residents.. Congratulations Gordon!  

UPDATE on the 2021 Field Season

The installation of the new engines is going well; however, delays due to Covid have pushed the completion date to approximately the end July. In addition, despite Hnausa Harbour being dredged, water levels are too shallow for dry dock.  

Spring & Summer Surveys – the above means that both surveys are cancelled.

Fall Survey – will proceed as scheduled. Due to low water levels preventing dry-docking, an extension from Transport Canada was necessary in order to carry out the ssurvey.

Matt Thorstensen, 2019–2020 scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Recipient 2019–2020 

The 2019/20 Dr. G. H. Lawler Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Thorstensen, a Ph.D. Candidate in Dr. Ken Jeffries lab in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba. Matt’s research looks at the population structure and body condition of walleye (pickerel) in Lake Winnipeg using genomics combined with physiological, ecological, and environmental data.

The scholarship will be used to cover the cost of the open access fee for one of Matt’s publications in the journal Ecology and Evolution.

Lake Winnipeg Special Issue – Journal of Great Lakes Research 


The Journal of Great Lakes Research (JGLR) is the official journal of the International Association of Great Lakes Research (IAGLR), devoted to research on large lakes of the world and their watersheds. The LWRC’s Science Program is working with the IAGLR editors – Drs. Bob Hecky and Stephanie Guildford – on another Special Issue for Lake Winnipeg.

Publication will be in April, 2021.



Open House 2019 on board Motor Vessel Namao 

We are pleased that a record 760 people toured the ship in just three hours at our Open House on board the Motor Vessel Namao on the Canada Day long weekend.

Nicole Turner, 2018–2019 scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Recipients 2018–2019 

The LWRC offered two scholarships in 2018–2019. Nicole Turner is a graduate student at Lakehead University, studying under Dr. Michael Rennie. Nicole’s thesis is focused on evaluating movement patterns of walleye in Lake Winnipeg by using previously unpublished provincial tagging and fisheries-based recapture data from the 1950s and 1970s, as well as current data derived from an acoustic telemetry study conducted by scientists from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Combined, these datasets will help Nicole evaluate historical rates of exchange between north and south basin walleye, differences in movement rates between dwarf and normal walleye strains, and temporal changes in distribution ranges of walleye. Ultimately, assessing temporal changes and contemporary movement patterns of walleye will help inform current fisheries management practices in Lake Winnipeg.

Rachel Mandryk is an undergraduate student at the University of Manitoba, studying under Dr. Tim Papakyriaku.The objectives of Rachel’s research include (1) constructing a methane budget by estimating the air-sea methane fluxes during the ice-free season; (2) quantifying where the methane is originating from, whether it is of pelagic, littoral or benthic origin; and (3) identifying relationships between methane concentrations and other factors such as the extent of anoxic conditions and the presence of methanogenic organisms, among others. Methane is an important greenhouse gas.

Thomas sorting forage fish on board the Namao.

2019 Recipient of the LWRC’s Water Award
Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

Thomas Gale, grade 7, was the 2019 recipient of the LWRC’s Water Award for his outstanding project called “Microplastics: can washing a blanket pollute the environment?”. He were honoured to have Thomas come aboard M/V Namao twice this summer–first was to share his project to the general public during our Open House, and then as part of the science team for a half day. Congratulations Thomas for an excellent project.


Dr. Herb Lawler, founding director of the LWRC

Dr. G. Herbert Lawler
June 13, 1923 – May 2, 2019

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Herb Lawler, founding Director of the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC). Between 1950 and 1988, Herb had an impressive career with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, including an appointment as Director General for the Central and Arctic Region in Winnipeg and acting Assistant Deputy Minister in Ottawa.  In his retirement, Herb was actively involved in the founding of the LWRC and served on its board until his passing.  In recognition of Herb’s important contributions to the LWRC and Lake Winnipeg, the LWRC’s graduate student scholarship will be re-named the Herb Lawler Memorial Scholarship. Herb is greatly missed.


2018 Scholarship recipient 

Scholarship Recipient 2017–2018

The Scholarship recipient was Masoud Goharrokhi, Ph.D student at the University of Manitoba. Masoud’s research involved using “sediment fingerprinting” to determine the sources and movement of suspended sediment within Lake Winnipeg – including erosion, tributary inflows, and resuspension.

2018 Water Award recipient



LWRC’s Water Award 2018 
Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

Miriam Alarie was the 2018 recipient of the LWRC’s Water Award for her project entitled “La rivière Rouge serait-elle la source de pollution du lac Winnipeg?”. Miriam is shown here on board the M/V Namao helping to sort the forage fish catch. Congratulations Myriam for an excellent project.

Dan Richmond – Superintendent of Marine Operations and Chief Engineer

A final farewell to Dan Richmond

Dan Richmond, LWRC’s Superintendent of Marine Operations, passed away in October 2016.

On August 14th, 2017, a family ceremony took place on board M.V. Namao to release Dan’s ashes into Lake Winnipeg. Dan’s passion for ships, and especially ship’s engines, resulted in a 35-year career with the Canadian Coast Guard, followed by a “retirement” in the engine room of the M.V. Namao as Chief Engineer, as well as Superintendent of Marine Operations, for the LWRC. Dan is greatly missed by the staff, science group and crew of the M/V Namao