About Us Who we are

The Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC) Inc. is a registered charity, founded in 1998 to facilitate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg following evidence of water quality deterioration related to the 1997 Red River “Flood of the Century”. The LWRC was incorporated in Manitoba in 2001 and received charitable status in 2008.

Board of Directors

The LWRC is governed by a board of 15 directors with representation from the various classes of membership, which includes: Research (3 directors); Contributing (3 directors); Participating (2 directors); and General (7 directors).

The election of directors from any particular class of membership, if required, takes place during the Annual General Meeting.

  • Executive sub-committee Co-chair | Kim Trynacity | General
  • Executive sub-committee Co-chair | Thomas Aulinger | General
  • Executive sub-committee | Dr. Gordon Goldsborough | Research
  • Director | Brian Giesbrecht | Contributing
  • Director | Dr. Tim Papakyriakou | Research
  • Director | Martha Bradbury | General
  • Director | Leslie Thompson | General


Two personnel oversee the operations of the LWRC.

  • Dr. Karen Scott | Director of Programs
  • Ryan Johnson | Superintendent of Ship Operations

Crew of the Motor Vessel NAMAO

The Motor Vessel Namao requires a seasonal crew of nine: Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Deckhands (4) and a Cook. In addition, a seasonal Field Operations Technician oversees sample collection as part of the Science Program.

  • Walter Lea | Captain
  • Seasonal | Chief Officer
  • Ryan Johnson | Chief Engineer
  • Andreas Rodenberg | 2nd Engineer
  • Seasonal | Deckhand
  • Seasonal | Deckhand
  • Seasonal | Deckhand
  • Seasonal | Deckhand
  • Rhonda Thornsteinson | Cook

Our Members

Current membership of the LWRC is over 30 agencies representing various government and university departments, municipalities, communities, corporate and other organizations. To become a member of the LWRC, please review the “Criteria for Membership” found on the Documents page and then contact us indicating your organization’s desire to become a member and why. The LWRC’s Board of Directors will review your request and a response will follow. There is no fee to become a member.

  • Alexander Sustainable Development Association
  • Algal Taxonomy and Ecology Inc.
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Diageo Canada Inc.
  • Fish Futures Inc.
  • Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation
  • Gimli Yacht Club
  • Grindstone Cottage Owners Association
  • Gull Harbour Yacht Club
  • Lake Winnipeg Commercial Fishers
  • Lake Winnipeg Foundation
  • Loni Beach Residents’ Association
  • Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners Inc.
  • Manitoba Federation of Labour
  • Manitoba Government and General Employees Union
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Manitoba Pork Council
  • Manitoba Sailing Association
  • Manitoba Climate, Environment and Parks
  • New Iceland Heritage Museum, Gimli
  • Norway House Cree Nation
  • Red River Basin Commission
  • RM of Gimli
  • Silver Harbour Sailing Club
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg