Motor Vessel Namao Providing whole lake access and infrastructure for research and monitoring on Lake Winnipeg

Motor Vessel Namao

M/V Namao Specs 

Nine crew members are required to run the M.V. Namao including; a Captain, Chief Officer, Chief and Second Engineers, Deckhands (4), and most importantly, a cook.

  • Length: 33.62 metres
  • Width: 8.53 metres
  • Draft: 2.13 metres
  • Cruising speed: 12 knots
  • Gross tonnage: 328 tons
  • Net tonnage: 104 tons
  • Two diesel engines: 625 bhp
  • Fuel capacity: 34.5 tonnes
  • Twin screw propulsion

A Brief History of the M/V Namao 

CCGS Namao – Class 900 buoy tender

Built in Riverton, Manitoba – 1975
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Namao was built in Riverton, Manitoba in 1975 by Riverton Boat Works to serve as a Class 900 buoy tender for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

Buoy tender – 1975 to 1997
Based out of Selkirk, the CCGS. Namao deployed and recovered navigation buoys. She also assisted vessels in distress a number of times during her career.

Early research surveys – 1994 & 1996
The CCGS Namao was used briefly by the Geological Survey of Canada for research on the geological history of Lake Winnipeg, proving her value as a research vessel.

Put up for disposal – 1997
In 1997, the Aids to Navigation Program was privatized and the CCGS. Namao was put up for disposal through Crown Assets.

The Namao finds a new home in Gimli Harbour

August survey completed – 1999
The CCG agreed to operate the vessel on behalf of the LWRC on a cost recovery basis. In August, a complete research survey of Lake Winnipeg was completed. ​​​​​​​

New home at Gimli Harbour – 1999
In September, the CCG notified the LWRC that a new home other than the CCG base in Selkirk would need to be found for the ship. The town of Gimli agreed to provide a permanent berth for the CCGS Namao in Gimli Harbour.

Maintenance – 2001
In 2001, the LWRC received funds from the Canada/Manitoba Economic Development Partnership Agreement to carry out maintenance of the vessel as required by Transport Canada.

LWRC takes ownership – 2005
Ownership of the vessel was transferred from DFO/CCG to the LWRC. The CCGS Namao became the Motor Vessel (M/V) Namao and is now owned and operated solely by the LWRC.

M/V Namao

CCGS Namao

Whole lake research and monitoring – to present
Three wholelake research surveys continue to be conducted annually (spring, summer, fall) using the M/V Namao. See “Science Program” for details.

Drydock inspections and repairs 
Every five years, the M/V Namao goes to drydock for inspection and repairs. The closure of the drydock facility in Selkirk created considerable challenges for the LWRC since no other facility on the lake could accommodate a vessel of this size. In 2018, the drydock facility at Hnausa, which is used to service the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation’s vessel, was modified for the M/V Namao and she was successfully inspected and repaired.

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