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About the science

Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board was announced by the government of Manitoba in February 2003 as one of the six actions under the Lake Winnipeg Action Plan. The website contains numerous reports and documents on Lake Winnipeg.

Manitoba Water Stewardship - Provincial government website that includes information on government initiatives such as the Nutrient Management Strategy and Lake Winnipeg Action Plan.

Satellite images and microphotographs of phytoplankton in Lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg - a very unique website worth visiting.

Manitoba Eco-Network is a registered charitable organization that serves as an umbrella organization to connect their 46 member environmental non-governmental organizations throughout Manitoba with the public, government and media. Manitoba Eco-Network operates a library of environmental resources that is open to the public and they hold events and workshops to bring the member groups together to help them work more effectively. They also undertake projects to increase public awareness on sustainable alternatives including: Climate Change Connection (see below), Mapping Centre Project, Water Caucus and the Organic Lawn Care Project.

Climate Change Connection began in 2002 and is managed by the Manitoba Eco-Network. Its aim is to increase awareness about climate change so Manitobans reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the informative website, Climate Change Connection gives presentations, conducts community workshops, and has many other Manitoba-specific resources on climate change available upon request or by download. 

Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin - Since 1993, Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin has promoted stewardship and sustainability of the Saskatchewan River Basin, an international watershed stretching over the three Prairie Provinces and a portion of Montana. More than 3 million people live within the basin which includes the North Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Oldman, Bow, Highwood, South Saskatchewan, Battle, Saskatchewan, St. Mary, and Carrot Rivers. Although their focus is upon the Basin itself, programs are delivered to all areas of the Prairie Provinces.

The Canadian Water Resources Association is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources. The membership is composed of private and public sector water resource professionals including managers, administrators, scientists, academics, students and users. It has branch organizations in eight provinces and members throughout Canada and beyond. Association activities include organizing conferences, symposiums and workshops dealing with a wide range of water management issues, quarterly publication of Canadian Water Resources Journal and the newsletter, Water News, as well as publishing papers and reports.

The Gordon Water Group of Concerned Scientists and Citizens is a group of researchers, experts, and citizens who have come together out of deep concern for Canada’s escalating water crisis. They believe that today’s water challenges, and those that lie ahead, can be overcome with a commitment to good water governance, comprehensive policy and planning, and active community participation.

SARA Public Registry - Species at Risk Act, implementation of the Act, getting involved in public consultations, and the official current listing of species

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) is a committee of experts that assesses and designates which wild species are in some danger of disappearing from Canada. Candidate lists and species status reports can be downloaded from the website.

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (Manitoba Chapter) - is a national community-based organization for public wilderness protection. Since 1963 CPAWS has taken a lead role in establishing two-thirds of Canada's protected wild spaces. CPAWS believes that by ensuring the health of the parts, we ensure the health of the whole, which is our health too.

Lake Winnipeg Foundation - is an independent, non-profit, charitable ENGO of citizen volunteers dedicated to finding solutions to the problems causing deteroiration in the Lake Winnipeg ecosystem.