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About the science

The Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC) Inc.
was founded in August 1998 to coordinate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg following evidence of water quality deterioration related to the 1997 Red River flood. The LWRC was incorporated in Manitoba in 2001 and received charitable status in 2008. Membership in the LWRC has grown to 32 agencies representing various government and university departments, and corporate and other groups.

Goals of the LWRC
Coordinate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg to gain a better understanding of the biological, chemical and physical processes that are critical to its well-being.

Create educational opportunities and increase public awareness of the ecology of Lake Winnipeg and environmental issues facing the Lake.

Provide a research platform, the M.V. Namao, for research and education on Lake Winnipeg.

If you wish to make a donation, please send a cheque to the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium at the above address. The LWRC has received charitable status and, therefore, a tax receipt will be issued for your donation. Thank-you!


Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium
62-2nd Avenue
P.O. Box 1289
Gimli, Manitoba
R0C 1B0
Phone: 204-642-4446
Fax: 204-642-4446

Managing Director
Dr. Al Kristofferson

Science Program Coordinator
Dr. Karen Scott

Education Program Coordinator
Dr. Karen Scott